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Trade Mining

AI Driven Trade Mining
Hera is the first to develop a new abstraction layer of economic incentive for its end users. This is made possible by superior rates sourced from the combination of chainfinder data retrieval fed into the AI Pathfinder as a data source. Such technology has enabled the collection of a sub fractional fee structure which is distributed to its ecosystem and participants.
Unlike proof of work, this new age mining model can be facilitated on gas optimized Layer2s as well as Layer1s. As each trade is processed by the composability of this defi front end, which scours all major liquidity networks on all major chains, funds are collected and forwarded to the home treasury on Metis chain. The staking portal’s APY is reflexive based on a couple factors.
APY and trade mining difficulty influences:
  • Staking Participation
  • Revenue Generated
In the case of diminished APY, it is important to realize that Hera is a scarce asset and that its inflation rates can drop lower than some major proof of work tokens. Trade mining difficulty over time will increase as the available Hera that is tradeable on the open market reduces.
This concept is analogous to the possibility of mining on lesser hardware in days past.
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