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Token Overview

Hera Token is the governance and utility token of Hera Finance.
We believe in a more active Hera Token usage model. We have done so by creating usage areas within our entire ecosystem. Being a decision maker in the management of the project and sharing protocol revenues is the beginning. This is only one of the first stages for token usage areas.

Token Details

Symbol: HERA Name: Hera Token Chain: Metis Token Contract: 0x6F05709bc91Bad933346F9E159f0D3FdBc2c9DCE Explorer:
Hera Token now live on Ethereum, please check new token details:

OFT Token Details

Symbol: HERA Name: Hera Token Active Chains: Ethereum Token Contract: # Explorer: #

Hera Token - Utility Areas

  • Share protocol revenues using the Staking Portal
  • Participate in the governance of the project (DAO)
  • Swap fee reduction -soon-
  • Earning airdrops based on dex aggregator usage -soon-