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Staking Portal

Hera Finance has an A.I. assisted VaultManager that controls protocol revenue collected from all supported chains. Proceeds from swap transactions are used to develop and manage Hera's ecosystem. At the same time, a portion of all revenue can be transferred by the VaultManager based on recommendations from artificial intelligence to Hera Token ($HERA) holders through various methods.
Token buybacks are made possible with protocol revenue earned through exchange fees. Purchased tokens can then be burnt or added to the staking pool as a reward so that the holders can earn real yield.
Staking is a utility that allows Hera token holders to share in socialized protocol revenue.
Functionality Explained:
  • Harvest: Collects earned yield and sends it to your wallet
  • Compound: Collects earned yield and adds it to your staked base principal (this restarts the seven day lock period)
  • Staking Period: The set time window rewards are obtainable. Date extensions are made regularly
  • HeraPower: (Under Development): Participants will receive swap fee reductions based on their level of interaction and commitment to the ecosystem. This feature is exclusive to Metis Layer2.
Staking Portal: Stake your tokens to earn real yield!

New Omnichain Staking Portal