Staking Portal

Hera Finance has a VaultManager that manages protocol revenues. Proceeds from swap transactions are used to develop and manage the Hera project. At the same time, some of these revenues are transferred by VaultManager to Hera Token ($HERA) holders.
Staking Portal is a bridge that allows Hera Token holders to share in protocol revenues. Hereby staking Hera Token or farming as a Hera Token liquidity provider "when its development is completed and integrated"; Hera Tokens are earned.
Token buybacks are made with the protocol revenues and these tokens are added to the staking pools as a reward so that the holders can be rewarded.

Single staking is live now!

Staking Portal: Stake your tokens and earn more tokens now!

Farming is under development!

Farming features coming soon.
APR rates in Staking Portal vary according to the protocol revenues.