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Blockchain is a living construct, so staying up to date is crucial.
The roadmap is constantly updated in terms of the development of the project. We recommend that you visit this page frequently to keep track of changes.

Q1 / 2022

  • Branding Creation
  • Live: Website and Docs
  • Establishment of the Early Community
  • Smart Contracts and Multihops ready
  • Testnet: Hera Dex Aggregator
  • Event: Hera Token Seed & Private Sale
  • Audit: Hera Aggregator V1 with Armors
  • Event: Hera Token Public Sale
  • Launch: Hera Token

Q2 / 2022

  • Hera Dex Aggregator Launch
  • Launch: Swap Distribution Flow
  • Launch: Staking Portal
  • Staking Portal: Hera Single Staking

Q3 / 2022

  • Core: RPC Model Upgrade
  • Live: New Website and Docs
  • Audit: Hera Aggregator V2 with HashEx
  • Upgrade: AI Powered Pathfinder
  • Core: New AMM Integrations
  • Launch: Hera Aggregator v2 on Metis

Q4 / 2022

  • Staking Portal: Update Single Staking Pool
  • Core: EmporiaSDK - Hera Swagger API Release
  • Core: Pathfinder Minor-II Update
  • Features: ChainFinder by Hera Rebuilt

Q1 / 2023

  • Core: Upgrade HCA Modules to v2.0
  • Core: AI-Pathfinder v2.5 Upgrade
  • Core: Major-II Update for Offchain Load-Balancer
  • Core: Upgrade Executor Contracts
  • Launch: Hera Aggregator v2.5 'Beta' on Metis

Q2 / 2023

  • Core: Upgrade Hera Core to v2.7 (beta)
  • Core: Upgrade HCA Modules to v3.0
  • Launch: Arbitrum Release
  • Launch: Hera Aggregator on Arbitrum (Pathfinder: v2.7.5)
  • Core: Metis Release Upgrade (Pathfinder: v2.7.5)
  • Core: Offchain Scaling Modules Update
  • Core: AI Training Upgrades (0bcf201d)

Q3 / 2023

  • Core: Integration of Hera into New Liquidity Sources
  • Core: Messenger Protocol Development (V3)
  • Research: Using LayerZero for Interchain
  • Upgrade: Deep Search Model (V3)
  • Core: Rebuilding Pathfinder Architecture from Scratch (V3)
  • Research: Double-sided Messenger and Transactions
  • Research: Interchain Compatibility

Q4 / 2023

  • Core: Onchain Data Optimization for Interchain
  • Feature: New Generation Price Aggregator for Interchain
  • Core: New HeraOFT Token Deployment
  • Features: Omnichain Staking Portal
  • Features: Bridge Portal
  • Upgrade: Update HCA Modules for Interchain
  • Upgrade: LLM Core Upgrade for Interchain
  • Core: Data Management API for Interchain

Cooking Developments:

  • Core: Offchain Load Rebalance Modules (+AI)
  • Features: Dynamic Liquidity Management Robot (Beta)
  • Features: Interchain Messenger Protocol
  • Deployments: Hera Aggregator V3 to major chains
  • Launch: Hera Aggregator V3 - Closed beta for Interchain
  • Launch: New App UI for Interchain
  • Core: Interchain Dex Aggregator ✨

Planned Developments:

  • Core: Emporia SDK v2.0 for Interchain
  • Features: AI Powered VaultManager
  • Core: New Fee Model
  • Features: Hera Analytics Dashboard
  • Core: Gasless Trade on Interchain
  • Hera: Release Pathfinder-VM for Developers
  • Core: Limit Order Protocol with Interchain Aggregation
  • Hera: Governance & DAO
// Last update: 23 Nov 2023