Hera is an AI-powered multichain dex aggregator offering the widest range of tokens and the best route discovery between any token pairs.

We aim to provide the friendliest UX for users and the most powerful tools for developers to allow them to access the best-in-class swap in their application, interface, or on-chain programs.

Hera Aggregator is a project that is constantly being developed and spans the entire crypto ecosystem. By accessing many chains and the liquidity resources within, it can offer swap transactions that provide the maximum return to users.

With its user-friendly interface and advanced features, Hera offers an all-in-one access solution.

Hera Aggregator provides maximum output in swap transactions for traders with AI powered pathfinder. Briefly, aggregator works like this:

  1. Connect wallet to Hera Dex Aggregator

  2. Select tokens for swap

  3. Pathfinder create the best route for max output amount

  4. Confirm and complete swap progress!

Why Hera Aggregator?

Integrate with Hera in order to:

  • Offer best price for swaps

  • Available for any token to token swap

  • Fast, user friendly UX and gas optimization

  • All-in-one access to decentralized finance

  • Ai powered pathfinder and chainfinder

  • Hera Guard feature: Zero slippage swap option

  • Automatically stay up to date with the latest tokens and liquidity sources

  • Make swaps a revenue source by adding your own platform fee to the transaction

  • Set their caching options to make their swap as speedy or as precise they wish to be.

Developer Support

Developing can be difficult at times. On our end, we aim to make creating a superb swap interface or program as seamless and magical as possible. We do this by:

  • Removing key barriers to providing a good UX, including having clear instructions for issues like ATAs and open orders.

  • Providing various methods of accessing the swap, so all apps, dapps, and programs can use it seamlessly

  • Providing updated liquidity sources, token lists, and possible UX improvements as soon as possible.

EmporiaSDK has been successfully released! Check Now!

If you are a protocol developer or project manager and looking for a communication way to integrate into Hera Aggregator; please contact us via Twitter, Telegram, Discord or mail. Thanks!

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