Utility Token

Hera Token $HERA Utility Areas

Hera Token is the governance token of Hera ecosystem. Asides from voting, the token is used in many other areas in the ecosystem.

Utility Areas

01. Buy-Back Progress

In certain periods, Hera Tokens are purchased from the market at the rate determined by the platform revenues and VaultManager. That's used to add a liquidity on AMMs and exchanges, transfer to the market-maker wallet or sent to Staking Portal as a reward.

02. Stake and Earn

More Hera Tokens can be earned by staking your tokens or LP tokens. These rewards are funded by protocol revenues. Therefore, APY rates are variable.
Staking & Farming Portal - Hera Finance
Hera Finance - Dex Aggregator on Metis Network

03. Swap Fee Reduce (soon)

Aggregator platform charges a fee for swap transactions. Current rate is 0.3% from input token. For people who stake Hera Token, swap fee rate decreases gradually according to the stake amount.

04. Hera DAO & Governance (soon)

A proposal is submitted to the community to make decisions concerning the platform. Hera Token holders have voting rights. Studies on a fair management structure continue.
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