Hera OFT Token

The Hera OFT Token is a token model that is built and deployed on LayerZero. It is linked to the token on Metis and can be deployed to other chains as desired. The existing token contract will be valid on the Metis chain, and the newly deployed tokens alongside will utilize the OFT contract. This process confirms that the token contract on Metis will not change.
In the initial stage, the Hera OFT Token has been deployed to Ethereum and can be expanded to other chains supported by LayerZero.
The token information for Hera Token on Metis will remain unchanged, and the contract addresses for Hera Token deployed on all networks, including Ethereum, will be the same as the OFT contract. The management of all tokens will be done on the Metis side.
Additionally, a bridge has been launched with the Hera OFT Token to enable asset transfers between chains.

OFT Token Details

Symbol: HERA Name: Hera Token Active Chains: Ethereum Token Contract: 0xA2c2C937333165d4c5f2dC5f31a43E1239FeCfeB Explorer:

Hera OFT Token Contracts

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