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Multichain Compatible

We believe in the power and sustainability of multichain applications. Multichain operation of an application allows it to create more communities and serve more users. Hera Aggregator has been recreated to serve across multiple networks.

How does it work?

Hera Aggregator can be deployed to new networks quickly and flexibly. Smart contracts, front-end and back-end algorithms are integrated into the artificial intelligence module. According to the network requirements, the optimization of the contracts are completed and launched. Let's take a look at how the process works.

01. Contract Deployment

The structure of the targeted network is examined and finalized by making necessary revisions in the core's code. After this step, core and side-contracts are then launched on mainnet.
Each network can have its own characteristics. Therefore, some configurations are required to deploy Hera Aggregator to a new network. Finalization requires making the necessary preparations from the start.

02. ChainFinder by Hera

ChainFinder algorithm automatically generates tokens, liquidity pools and token lists in the network to be integrated.
Almost every token is used in networks with different contract addresses. In addition, each network has its own tokens. Chainfinder compiles a list by comparing which of these are required tokens, which pools are making the most volume, and their liquidity sizes.
With this function we obtain both the list of tokens and the selection of liquidity pools that can be used when finding routes.

03. Pathfinder Update

The necessary data for the network to be integrated is sent to the offchain running pathfinder algorithm. AI powered pathfinder will also find the best price for the new network after the update!
The obtained data is added to the main module of Pathfinder. It provides route finding, trade splitting and optimization options with this update.

04. Ready and Launch!

In the Aggregator interface, necessary updates are completed so that users can use the new network. We are ready to launch!
The last step is to update the application frontend. Smart contracts and offchain algorithms are added to the area where the application will launch.