Hera Guard

Hera Guard with zero-Slippage

What is Hera Guard?

Each AMMs has a certain slippage interval as per their algorithms. The larger the transaction amount, the larger this deviation margin. For this reason, a number different from the one that appears on the swap screen is often transferred to your wallet.
  • No Slippage
  • All-In Cost Definition
  • No Unexpected Tax
  • Under Hera Protection
Zero slippage feature is optional. Transactions may fail in chains with very fast price volatility. So you can also use slippage options.
HeraGuard, on the other hand, handles this structure in a completely different way. The exact amount you see on the swap screen is transferred to your wallet. The reason is that the route and the amounts found by the Hera algorithm are created by calculating all the details.
In other words, it aims to give the best rate by considering slippage loss, so unexpected losses do not occur. Enjoy zero-slippage swap on Hera Dex Aggregator!